The Venue of the Salford Local History Society

Because of essential maintenance on the SMAG building for the months of April and May 2018 our meeting will be held in a room in the basement of the Peel Building just 50 yards from art gallery.
Salford Museum and Art Gallery in the Audio Visual room.

The meetings of the Salford Local History Society are held in what must be the finest venue for any society in the whole of Lancashire.
They are held in the A.V room surrounded by the galleries holding some of the city's finest art treasures.

The building used to exhibit Salford's world famous collection of L. S. Lowry paintings, before their transfer to The Lowry theatre and exhibition centre at Salford Quays.

The paintings have now been replaced by changing exhibitions including those of the resident art club which features the work of its members  portraying images of Salford and its people, over the years.

The building is also home to Lark Hill Place, a reconstructed street built up from original fabric and artifacts preserved from old Salford buildings from the past, before their demolition.

The street is mainly Victorian, but has features from other periods of Salford's unique history.
The Lark Hill Place exhibition is over fifty years old.

There are parking charges in the area fronting the Museum and Art Gallery, which are £2 for 3 hours, £5 for 6 hours and £8 for 12 hours. The minimum cost will be enough to cover the duration of one of our meetings.