As can be expected in a city with so rich a past as Salford, there as long been an interest in local history and as early as the 1890s there were lectures on the subject in the very building in which the Salford Local History Society now meet.

    The history of the society does not go back that far, but as early as1949, following numerous inquiries received by the City Librarian Mr T. Noble, seeking information on local historical matters it was decided to form a local history society.

    With this aim in view Mr Noble and a number of prominent people interested in the subject, It was decided to hold a meeting at South Bank, Sandy Lane, Eccles Old Road, on Tuesday October 4th 1949. At that meeting, Mr C Royle JP. MP for Salford West took the chair and with those that had gathered it was enthusiastically decided to form a local history society.

    A committee, comprising of Councillor M.E. Butler, Miss J.C.Pearson, Miss C.M. Canning, Mr T. Noble, Mr C. P. Hampson JP, Dr J. C. Ethel, Mr I. C. Williams and Mr V. I. Thomlinson, drew up the necessary constitutuion.

    Mr Noble outlined the objects of the society and after Mr Hampson had addressed the meeting and stressed the value of the study of local history, it was unanimously decided to form a society.

    Strange though it may seem, from that date on there is no record of further activity, either by local newspaper reports or in the Local History Library records. Although it must be assumed that some activity took place in one form or another.

    In January 1969, the Salford Education Committee decided to introduce courses on the local history of Salford, which took the form of lectures held at Hope High School. This was in responce to request by Mrs Barbara Knott who had compiled a list of 47 names of interested people and submitted it to the Education Committee.

    The first speakers and subjects covered were Mr E Gray, Transport in Salford from 1824, Mr V I Tomlinson, The Growth of Salford, Miss E Vigeon, Queen Victoria at Peel Park and Mr A Smith, The Architecture of Salford and Manchester. Because of the success of the first lectures a programme for the winter season was arranged begining in October 1969.

    It was during these winter lectures that the group decided to form a Salford Local History Society. A meeting followed on 18th October 1969 at which the officers of the society were elected. They were Mrs Barbara E. Knott Chairman, Miss D Flint, Vice Chairman, Miss Hazel Lowe, Secretary, Mr David Hughes, Treasurer. The rest of the committee being formee by Mr A.T Smith, Mr D Flint, Mr A. Frankland, Mrs E Huddart and Miss E Vigeon.

    From that point on regular meetings have taken place, first at Hope High School, then at Midwood Hall, Eccles Old Road and finally at the current venue of the Salford Museum and Art Gallery at Peel Park. It is that group formed in 1969, which exists today.